Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The List of Accountability

I read a blog post recently (I apologize, but I can't remember from where) that suggested we as teachers need to do a spring cleaning of both our mind and our lessons. The best suggestion? Make lists. List what worked, what didn't, what to scrap, what to save. Just write it all down.

So, that's how I started my list-writing obsessiveness. I'm not kidding when I say that I have lists everywhere - on my iPad, my phone, sticky notes on my computer, paper jumbled in my bag - of things I want to change for next year. Ideas I have for next year. Excitement that I have for next year. Most of the lists are about lessons that I tried, units that should be completely redone, or strategies to research over the summer.

But there's this other list that I wrote, and I want to add it here for no other reason but to hold myself accountable - 

Awesome ideas you had but were too afraid to try:

1. 20% time
2. A BRAWL (thereadinessisall is amazing.)
3. Socratic Circles with coaches (check out Esther Wu on theteachingchannel.com for more info)
4. The big Gatsby project -- Who is really at fault?
5. Writing to write and reading to read -- AKA making time for things I believe are important.

I spent the majoirty of this year finding myself as a teacher rather than pushing myself as a teacher, and that bothers me. I didn't stretch myself in a way that I want to. Did I do some new and interesting things? Sure. I love the blogs that my students wrote, but I want to do more. I want my kiddos do more. To know more and be more.

To be fair, I put my toe in the pool with some of these things but never fully jumped in. 
But next year? 

Watch out.

 Cannonball coming

Ms. Z

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